Puductor 2 Bot


Product Overview

Contactless operation, safety means everything COVID-19 has changed our way of living. Contactless operations will be crucial for the foreseeable future. Guardium Robotics provides multiple solutions to battle the negative impact from the pandemic. With true noncontact functions, Puductor 2 minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments.


Key Values

The Public Health Guardian. Intelligent UV-C & Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection Robot.

- Enhanced patient safety with UV-C and dry mist disinfection.

- Safe learning environment and campuses

- Efficient government operations under COVID-19.

- The Puductor 2 can disinfect large areas such as airports and other transportation hubs.

Use Cases

 Puductor 2 can be applied in different environments such as Hospitals, Government halls, Schools & Office buildings. 

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