Hola Bot


Product Overview

HolaBot is a delivery robot that features calling and notifications tailored to a variety of delivery scenarios.

Best performance: HolaBot has a carrying capacity as large as 60kg. With 4 trays and the IPX5 waterproof cabin. Great business capabilities give HolaBot unprecedented delivery efficiency

Most intelligent: HolaBot supports pager function. With the modular base and the full-range depth sensor, HolaBot redefines the delivery robot



Hola Value

- 3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor The RGBD camera at the neck part makes 3D obstacle avoidance acute.

- Visual Camera Positioning Top infrared camera for real-time positioning, set up the complete visual positioning solution.

- Auto-level independent linkage suspension. Auto-level independent linkage suspension easily dealing with various of dump on the road.

- All-aluminum Body. Aviation-grade aluminum alloy that is structurally stable, antioxidant and corrosion resistant.

Create Your Exclusive HolaBot

Customized Appearance for Greater brand and service exposure

Customized Voice Pack

Multicolor Marker

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