Pudu Bot


Product Overview

The PuduBot is Guardium Robotics’ classic delivery robot, which launched the industry's first trackless delivery robot. PuduBot's simple and effective industrial design earned it German Red Dot Awardfor best design, and spearheaded a new trend of indoor delivery robot designs.



Bot Value

- Highly motivation: The delivery robots are viewed as a part of the waiting staff’s performance, encouraging the staff to use the robots as much as

- Higher efficiency: Data suggests that two robots deliver about 400 dishes to 300 tables on weekends and during vacations, and 250 to 300 dishes on weekdays. According to the restaurant manager, a robot is as efficient as a waiter/waitress in dish delivery.

- Highly admitted: The managers think that the robots are awesome because they help reduce the labour cost by a large margin. There is no dedicated waiter/waitress during the day shift.

Use Cases

During COVID-19, PuduBotprovided full-process contactless delivery services for more than 100 hospitals and quarantine sites nationwide to avoid cross-infection between doctors and patients and save medical resources.

For its efforts, it received commendations from CCTV and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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